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MYAID U-Net Uni-sex Surgical Dressing


The U-Net® is a uni-sex surgical dressing that is used to support and hold  surgical dressings in place in the perineal scrotal, coccygeal, anal or vulval area  of the patient. These areas have traditionally been very difficult to dress.


The U-Net® dressing comprises a panel and waist band.  The panel comprises a length of material universally shaped to fit both a male and female perineal, scrotal, coccygeal, anal and vulval area typically from the anterior to the posterior waist positions.

The panel is a mesh material suitable for medical use. The purpose of is the mesh material is to provide visibility when inspecting any dressings placed between the panel and the patient, ventilation and be quick drying. The mesh material is detachable from the waist band and is easy to apply even to unconscious patients.

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